DIY vs Professional Carpet Cleaning

professional carpet cleaning

This is a DIY blog. We provide tips and information on how to complete projects and repairs in your home yourself. However, there are some projects and repairs we recommend hiring professionals for. In this post we will examine whether you should perform DIY carpet cleaning or hire a professional company.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

Benefits of DIY

There is really only one benefit to do-it-yourself carpet cleaning and that is the cost. You can rent a carpet cleaning machine from a local hardware store for around $50 for 24-48 hours. You will need to purchase the cleaning solutions for the machine too but overall the entire cost is no more than $50-75 in the end.

To hire a carpet cleaning company like City Wide Chem-Dry it will cost anywhere from $100-300 depending on the total square feet and services included in the appointment.

Cons of DIY

There is downside to DIY carpet cleaning. The first is the labor. The rental machines are heavy and cumbersome. You will be responsible for lifting the machine in and out of your car and up and down stairs in your home. The machines are heavy to push too.

The entire cleaning process is long too if you use a machine. The machines for rent are not as powerful as professional equipment. This means the process will be longer. To clean an entire home will require a minimum of 4 hours in order to ensure satisfactory results.

The other problem with DIY is you won’t have the expertise a professional has. Not all carpet is the same nor are all stains the same. Some require different methods and solutions. If done incorrect, you can cause permanent damage to the carpet. In the end, this could negate the cost benefit of DIY if you damage the carpet or do not clean it properly.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Benefits of Professionals

There are many benefits to hiring a professional carpet cleaner. For one, the service does all of the labor. You are not responsible for anything other than scheduling the appointment. The company will usually staff two technicians in order to ensure the appointment is efficient and effective so this will save some time for you too.

The main benefit is that the technicians are trained and experienced in cleaning carpet, including all types of fibers and stains. You can be much more confident your carpet will be 100% clean after a professional appointment and no damage will occur. Most companies offer a guarantee too.

If you hire professionals each year, your carpet should last well beyond 10 years or more.

Cons of Professionals

The cons of scheduling carpet cleaning include the cost and the convenience. As mentioned above, an appointment from a company could cost as much as $300 or more.

The other problem with hiring a service is it is not as convenient. You have to schedule the appointment when the service is available. You cannot schedule during evenings or weekends either. If you need same-day service there is a chance the company will not have availability.

Overall, we recommend hiring a professional for carpet cleaning. Your carpet is an expensive investment and it is best for it to receive professional attention throughout its lifetime.

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How to Install a Garbage Disposal

garbage disposal sink

No kitchen is complete without a garbage disposal. You won’t know how much you need one until you don’t have one. If your kitchen sink doesn’t have a garbage disposal installed in it right now, this post will help explain the process. This is an easy home repair project that will really help you when your are in your kitchen.

Do You Have An Electrical Outlet?

The first thing you need to do is ensure there is an outlet and switch near the kitchen sink. Garbage disposals run on electricity. If you do not see an outlet near or underneath the sink then you will need to call a local electrician and have them install the proper outlet and switch before installation of a garbage disposal can occur.

You also need to see if a permit is required for the installation. You can do this online or research your local .gov site for more information.

Garbage disposals are available in 1/3 up to one horsepower. Each garbage disposal manufacturer will provide information on how much power you need for your use of their product. Your home kitchen shouldn’t require the most powerful model available.

Time to Install!

Now it is time for the installation. The first thing you need to do is find your circuit box and turn off the power in your kitchen. Since there is electrical work required in this project you need to be very careful about the power.

Now disconnect the drain pipes beneath the sink and position a bucket under the pipes for water that runs out. Then you can remove the sink strainer that is currently in the sink basin where you want the garbage disposal and remove the adhesive or putty that fastened the strainer.

Now apply plumbers putty along the flange of the new drain and push it into place in the bottom of the sink basin. Place a towel in the sink basin over the new drain and sit the garbage disposal on top of the towel to help the drain set in place and prevent it from shifting during the installation.

Now stack the fiber gasket, backup flange and mounting ring and slide them on the underside of the flange underneath the sink. Then install the snap ring around the bottom of the flange. Now tighten the screws for a firm seal.

Now remove the electric wire plate and connect the electrical wire cord by marrying the two cords together. Attach matching wire colors together and push them back in and reattach the plate.

Time to Connect!

To connect the drain, insert the gasket in the discharge outlet then attach the discharge tube with a flange and bolts. Now hang the disposal by aligning the three tabs with the mounting ring. Then attach with the tabs and tool provided by the manufacturer.

Then connect the dishwasher drain and line up the discharge pipe. Test the connection by placing the stopper and see if the water sits. If the water sits there are no leaks in your seals.

Then you can plug in the garbage disposal and turn the power back on in your kitchen. Flip on the garbage disposal switch and see if it works properly. If it does, the project is complete!

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Top Home Improvement Projects That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Each one of us is always looking for ways through which we can boost the aesthetic appeal, comfort, and functionality of our living space. After moving into that new home, you can make it suit the needs and tastes of your family by embarking on a series of home improvement projects. Most people are usually confused on where to start from or which areas they need to focus on more. Here are top renovations that can improve your home and its value.

Remodeling the Kitchen

Most of the buyers looking for homes today consider the kitchen to be one of the most important areas of a home. That means, they will want to buy a home that features a kitchen with a fresh, coordinated look. Upgrading your kitchen will recoup about 60 to 120 percent of all your expenses. Remove the old appliances and replace them with energy-efficient fixtures and appliances. In addition, add a new flooring and countertop. Furthermore, update the hardware and don’t forget to apply a fresh coat of paint to all the kitchen cabinets and walls.

Adding a Bathroom

If your home has more than one bathroom, you might not need to do this. However, if you only have one, adding a bathroom can recoup about 80 to 130 percent of your total investment according to HGTV. How will you achieve this? Well, it’s so simple. Find any areas within your house that seem to have been underutilized. Alternatively, you may consider using any of the extra rooms or your closets.

All you need is a small area of about thirty square feet for a complete bath. A remodeling contractor can help you maximize the available space.

Garage Door Replacement

Garage door replacement is one of those projects homeowners undertake in spring. In addition to improving the beauty and look of your home, replacing your garage door will increase the value of your property and make it easier to sell. Replacing a garage door will provide you with about 90 percent return on investment.

Reinventing a Room

You can reinvent the available space in your home to save money. Note that this can provide you with about 50 to 83 percent return on investment. You can consider converting your attic and basement spaces into a bedroom or even a game room. There’s nothing wrong with converting these spaces into both a bedroom and a game room. However, you need to carefully look at the future remodeling projects before starting such a project.

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