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DIY vs Professional Carpet Cleaning

professional carpet cleaning

This is a DIY blog. We provide tips and information on how to complete projects and repairs in your home yourself. However, there are some projects and repairs we recommend hiring professionals for. In this post we will examine whether you should perform DIY carpet cleaning or hire a professional company.

DIY Carpet Cleaning

Benefits of DIY

There is really only one benefit to do-it-yourself carpet cleaning and that is the cost. You can rent a carpet cleaning machine from a local hardware store for around $50 for 24-48 hours. You will need to purchase the cleaning solutions for the machine too but overall the entire cost is no more than $50-75 in the end.

To hire a carpet cleaning company like City Wide Chem-Dry it will cost anywhere from $100-300 depending on the total square feet and services included in the appointment.

Cons of DIY

There is downside to DIY carpet cleaning. The first is the labor. The rental machines are heavy and cumbersome. You will be responsible for lifting the machine in and out of your car and up and down stairs in your home. The machines are heavy to push too.

The entire cleaning process is long too if you use a machine. The machines for rent are not as powerful as professional equipment. This means the process will be longer. To clean an entire home will require a minimum of 4 hours in order to ensure satisfactory results.

The other problem with DIY is you won’t have the expertise a professional has. Not all carpet is the same nor are all stains the same. Some require different methods and solutions. If done incorrect, you can cause permanent damage to the carpet. In the end, this could negate the cost benefit of DIY if you damage the carpet or do not clean it properly.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

Benefits of Professionals

There are many benefits to hiring a professional carpet cleaner. For one, the service does all of the labor. You are not responsible for anything other than scheduling the appointment. The company will usually staff two technicians in order to ensure the appointment is efficient and effective so this will save some time for you too.

The main benefit is that the technicians are trained and experienced in cleaning carpet, including all types of fibers and stains. You can be much more confident your carpet will be 100% clean after a professional appointment and no damage will occur. Most companies offer a guarantee too.

If you hire professionals each year, your carpet should last well beyond 10 years or more.

Cons of Professionals

The cons of scheduling carpet cleaning include the cost and the convenience. As mentioned above, an appointment from a company could cost as much as $300 or more.

The other problem with hiring a service is it is not as convenient. You have to schedule the appointment when the service is available. You cannot schedule during evenings or weekends either. If you need same-day service there is a chance the company will not have availability.

Overall, we recommend hiring a professional for carpet cleaning. Your carpet is an expensive investment and it is best for it to receive professional attention throughout its lifetime.