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Laminate vs. Hardwood Floor

hardwood floor

We all want to decorate our homes and commercial outlets so as to make them look stylish, classy and adorable! Homeowners and businesses are transitioning from carpet to wood. Wood is timeless as its natural warmth provides a spectacular finish to the entire home and is a most sought after amenity.

Wooden flooring is lot in trend and is you are also considering investing in the same then you should know that there are two variants available in wooden flooring namely, hardwood and laminated.

No matter what is your preference, there are pros and cons associated with both the types of flooring.

This post is to guide you about the same so that you can make the decision depending upon your lifestyle, budget and home!


On the price front, hardwood is much expensive than the laminated version of it.

This is because hardwood is made up from some harvested tree and thus compressing and tempering it in the form of floor is expensive.

On the other hand, laminated flooring is made up of composite wood which is pressed at high temperatures and then image of hardwood is placed over it to laminate.

The installation of hardwood flooring is also costlier than laminated wooden flooring and hence if your budget is low then laminate flooring will suit you.


If the hardwood flooring is damaged then it can be repaired easily by sanding away the imperfections and refinishing to bring back the elegance and shine.

But it is difficult to repair the laminated floor as it becomes difficult to replace the individual boards.

This is because this floor gets worn off with age, usage and sun exposure and thus it is difficult to find a new patch of shade similar to the rest of the floor.

Hardwood floor gets an edge over it!

Appearance & Aesthetics

Although both types of flooring provide exquisite appearance to your home, you can notice the difference between the two in a fairly easy manner.

The textural and variation of the wood grain is visible in the hardwood floor and this is the reason that two planks of hardwood don’t look alike but still they provide fabulous look to the home. on the other hand, the laminated flooring has imprints and patterns so as to imitate the real hardwood flooring and thus it looks all alike!

Although laminated flooring also provides aesthetic beauty but it is not possible to replicate the authentic beauty of the hardwood.


Laminated flooring is more durable compared to hardwood flooring! This is because of several reasons listed below:

  • Laminated flooring can resist scratches since it is made under high heat and extreme pressure which makes it harder than natural wood.
  • It is also resistant to moisture whereas the hardwood starts to get bumps if it is cleaned with wet cloth.
  • It is safe from damage caused due to staining and fading because it is polished and is multi- layer synthetic flooring product

Due to these reasons, laminated flooring is durable whereas hardwood flooring shows wear and tear especially in heavily trafficked areas.

But it’s gorgeous and the real deal is incomparable!