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Requirements to Finish a Basement


There comes a time for homeowners to increase the living space of their home and finish their basement for additional room. A finished basement increases your home’s value and is comfortable for you and your family to enjoy.

There are a few requirements to finish a basement. Here is a list of materials and design elements standard for the project:


You will want to install drywall throughout the rooms of your basement you want to finish. Most basements have brick or cement walls you will need to install the drywall over.

You do not have to put up drywall in storage areas or utility spaces but you should install drywall in the recreational areas of the basement.

You should paint the drywall a light-tone, neutral color because basements do not receive enough natural light for the room to be painted in dark-tones.


A traditional basement will have a concrete floor but that isn’t comfortable for a refinished basement. You should install carpet on the floor and over the concrete. You will want to choose a type of carpet that is durable and low-pile. You don’t want shag carpet or plush carpet in a basement.

You should also choose a type of carpet that is easy to clean on your own and won’t require too many professional carpet cleaning appointments each year since most basements are a lot of square feet.


The ceilings in basements tend to be low so you do not want to have to hang lighting from the ceilings of your basement. A good way around this is to installed recessed lighting in the basement ceiling. You need as much light as you can get in a refinished basement and this is a way for it to not use very much space.


We recommend moving the furniture form your living room or another room upstairs into the basement and then purchasing new furniture for the living room or upstairs room instead. Furniture can be subjected to moisture in the basement so it is a good idea to not put the best furniture in the basement.


You should install dual sump pumps to help prevent water damage from extreme weather or other causes from ruining your carpet as well as other décor and possessions in the finished basement. You don’t want to invest a lot of time and money in refinishing your basement for it just to lead to everything being ruined from water damage.